Let me tell you something about our company

In 2014 we found that companies were having a lot of trouble getting from and to the cloud. We decided to fix that and started our first project in Groningen in an old bank building with 300 users a day. We developed our own wifi system with intensive monitoring and the latest hardware. This is what started Slimmer wifi. 

Four years later we have made this our core business and have served over a hundred companies. We keep more than 10.000 users online every day and monitor everything to make sure their wifi really is awesome. 


We do large buildings, small buildings, outdoor, indoor, wifi rental for event up to 10.000 visitors per day and we are sure we can be an excellent addition to Wifi4EU. With a 15 headed installation team we are ready to give internet acces to local residents and visitors throughout The Netherlands in main centers of community life.

Please take a look around at our references and our team, and make sure to contact us when the time is due.